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Buying a house where we are going to live does not take the same process as a property intended for investment. Only an expert investment agent will guarantee fast and permanent rental, good tenants, and responsible associations. Only someone with great knowledge in this field can advise it, not any Real Estate agent. Choose your investment agent with that focus.


Invest with wisdom, experience and focus.

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Finding the best permanent rental location requires a real and complete knowledge of the neighborhood the property is located in. Not only the beauty of the neighborhood but also amenities the association offers, the schools, connections to major centers, neighbors, and speed of repairs. All are important aspects of a property that are often ignored. Speaking to locals is the key to finding all this information.

Make your investment shine, hire a professional agent!

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About Us

I started my company over 15 years ago, focusing on catering to foreigners in Europe and the U.S. who wished to own property in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

These properties were administered both for recreational use and as an investment, to cover the cost of purchase. This was a wonderful experience and most of those clients remain my clients to this day, even as I moved my business to the U.S.
I focus on a mixture of investments and aesthetics, giving life to the properties that I purchase for my clients. I specialize in combining harmony and aesthetics with good business ethics in real state investing.
Through comfort, good location, harmonious decoration, and good energy flow I can help tenants and investors feel satisfied and continue to invest in my properties for personal and commercial usage. That combination of art and good business is what I wish to achieve.

Nancy Landi


Please contact Nancy Landi for any of her services to:
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