Expert interior decorator

I am now proud to offer the following home design and decorating services to homeowners in Florida.


  • Interior decoration
  • Interior design
  • Feng Shui evaluation and remedies
  • Color consulter
  • Tell your life by your portraits

Nancy Landi, Interior Design Certifications


International Design and Decorating Professional ( IDDP )

Working on the choice of property and its location is where my job ends. The property comes alive when it is inhabited. Making each room a cozy space and as close to the owner's dream as possible completes the project. The same happens with investments. Designing the environment according to the target audience ensures profitability in the business. Designing environments with a clear objective is as important as the purchase and they go hand in hand.


Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional ( AFDP ).

The way in which we harmonize the places where we live, work or rent guarantees us the desire to be there, the care of our energy and our productivity.


International Color Consulting Professional ( ICCP ).

The colors we choose to decorate with affect our emotions and moods. We create different environments according to the needs of our customers. Relaxed environments using light colors if that was the objective or environments that put you on alert when our clients need to work. We design places according to our purpose of inhabiting it.


Please contact Nancy Landi for any of her services to:
7635 Ashley Park Court, Suite 503,
Orlando, FL 32835.

+ 1 (407) 538 5407